Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fiddlestix Billiards KING OF KONG.. Donkey Kong!

About a month ago, we scored a VINTAGE NINTENDO DONKEY KONG cocktail arcade game. Slowly but surely, it's been getting some action as people discover it's here. Well, it appears there is a bit of friendly competition going on. Right now, our high score title holder is Ben Zimmer.. and Freddy has his mind set on beating him.

We'll have some images up soon. I think we need to document this challenge. Who will be the King of Kong? Who will be Fiddlestix house champion?
Maybe a Donkey Kong tournament is in order.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Websites, In House Tournament, and the Derby City Classic

The website is almost complete! You can now buy Hats, shirts, and handcrafted Ping Pong Paddles thru the ProShop. Things are looking good.

Need a good tournament? Come on out Jan 15th - 17th for the Fiddlestix Billiards Hall of Fame All-Around tournament. Friday is 9-Ball, Saturday is 8-Ball, and Sunday is One Ball. The entry fee is $25.00 + Calcutta, and $200 added to each. Check the website: for the times and flyer.

And finally, Chris Szuter will be on the road soon for the Derby City Classic. Looks like table 14 will be getting a rest for a bit. For info:
Good Luck Chris!
We'll let you know how he did.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Up and Running

We've been in business now for 10 years as of October 2009. How the hell did we get by without a website or a blog??
Well, now we have both.

Our website is:

Providing Stark County with a clean, safe, and fun place to play Pool, Ping Pong, arcade games and Darts. Our copper top bar is over 100ft long, the Juke Box is probably one of the most eclectic in North East Ohio, and now, we've got Donkey Kong.
Where else in Canton, Ohio can you play a vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong Cocktail Arcade Game??

It's about a 5 mile drive from the Akron Canton Airport, about 2 miles from Belden Village Mall, and around 8 miles to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Cleveland has nothing like Fiddlestix, and it's only an hour drive if you want to play next to some big Dogs of Billiards.

Sean Putnam should be back soon...

Check out our website for more information about Drink Specials, Ping Pong tournaments, pool tournaments, and special events, like Holiday Sweater Parties, and the Zombie Prom!